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Intelligence to connect all your cross network relationships into one powerful source of many possibilities.

Search over 275,000 business decision makers, for over 22 billion connection paths that you won't find elsewhere.

Unlock the power of your network spread over multiple networks. Find the most likely-to-succeed introductions.

Connect smartly with business prospects. Choose the best connection path to get introduced and make a powerful connection.

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When you sign up to Hachi, you are signing up for endless possibilities and ample opportunities to change your business. Signing up enables you to sync your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts into one solid, amazingly vast, and extremely powerful network of contacts.


Hachi has over 22 billion connection paths to 275,000+ business decision makers.

Unleash the power of your own network within Hachi to find the most intelligent paths to anyone and everyone you are interested in meeting and should be meeting.

Connect and meet

Connect with people who matter, through introduction by common contacts. Open more doors and close more business.