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Industry Recognition

Nominee - 2012 World Technology Awards

California Excellence Award - 2013

Finalist - International Startup Festival, Canada

Finalist - Grace Hopper WEQ 2013

Finalist - Mini Seedcamp


Hachi combines LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google into one, lets you search all your connections at once. This is cool... totally bookmarking this

Hachi connects the dots between your social-network contacts and recommends the best "people path to someone new".

Hachi is the new kid on the block. It searches through all your other social and professional networks to find you the smartest way to connect.

Hachi helps you organise the people you know across all your social networks. More importantly, it helps you discover the most efficient path to those who you want to know.

Hachi is the Google Maps for your connections graph. Its true value is in showing people how they're connected across networks, not just within one service's ecosystem.

Hachi is one of the four great tools for recruiting and sales.This is an incredible site that merges your social graphs and connections from all of your networks.

Hachi has just arrived on the personal connections scene with a solution to an everyday problem, solved by using data you've already provided elsewhere. How do I get to meet this person? Who can introduce me?

Today our connections are spread across multiple social and professional networks, our smartphone address books, our emails, our IMs, etc. So, if you have to reach out to someone new, how do you go about it?

Hachi: One social contact portal to rule them all.

Consider Hachi to be GPS for your professional and social networks.

Hachi packs a fourth degree punch, smartly connecting to contacts across multiple networks.

Hachi: A New Introduction Tool for Better Social Media Connecting.

Hachi: Hot startup of the week.

Hachi is a "Meta Connector" Using Your Social Graph to Reach People the Best Way.

Hachi - To find the shortest path between us with anyone. It determines the tree of relationships among our contacts.

Hachi, a social intelligence app, that makes connections across multiple sites to show you the full breadth of your social media contacts, both personal and professional.

Hachi uses your own social circle to scan the relationships you had built over the years - across organizations, schools, casual meetings & geographic locations.

... And that's how I met Zuck!