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Our Values

These are the values that guide our business, our product, and our brand. They are what we look for in every team member.

  1. User comes first
    We give priority to what's best for the user. We do everything possible to delight our users.
  2. Building with heart
    Building with heart means really caring about what we're making and doing - it's a mission, not just a job.
  3. Do few things, but do them exceptionally well
    It's important that whatever we do, we do it really really well. Instead of 10 features, we'd rather have 2 features that work incredibly awesome.
  4. Communication
    Communication is critical. Be it with our users, stakeholders, team members.

Together, we are revolutionizing how two new people connect.

Rachna Singh, CEO and Founder

Rachna carries 10 years of experience in Sales and Business Development. She has worked with a number of technology startups and mid-sized companies in silicon valley for 7 years. She was an early team member at SocialTwist (a customer acquisition and retention platform), and at Geodesic US (a mobile computing, communication and collaboration company). Rachna was nominated for the “2012 World Technology Awards”, which is presented in association with TIME, CNN, Fortune, (MIT) Technology Review, Science and Kurzweil AI. She has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and ran two profitable businesses earlier. She founded Hachi to solve a problem she had as a business professional - she was constantly searching for smart ways to get good introductions to prospects and potential partners, by working her contacts peppered across different social networks, and via contacts in her Gmail and Outlook e-mail accounts, as well as on her smartphone.


Benjamin Ling

Benjamin is an investment partner at Khosla Ventures. He is an accomplished executive and angel investor, with senior operating roles at Google, YouTube and Facebook, as well as angel investor and advisor, with investments in Fab, Square, Palantir, Quora, and PracticeFusion and advisory roles at Pinterest and Pulse.

At Google, he was Google's Senior Director of Search Products and Local Business Products. Ben was the founder and GM of Google's Commerce group, including Google Wallet and Shopping. At YouTube, he was Senior Director of Partnerships and Platform. At Facebook, Ben was Director of Facebook Platform overseeing the Facebook developer ecosystem, and led product, marketing, developer operations, partner solutions, and helped build Facebook Connect, which has helped Facebook grow across the web.

Ben holds a Ph.D. and Master's in Computer Science from Stanford, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration from UC Berkeley. Ben is a Department of Defense Fellow and recipient of UC Berkeley's Bechtel Achievement Award (Top graduating senior in College of Engineering).

Rogelio Choy

Ro is a veteran entrepreneur and internet industry leader. Today, he runs BitTorrent's business development and marketing teams, and is responsible for forming and expanding strategic partnerships to help the business grow exponentially. Before joining BitTorrent, Ro served as the Chief Operating Officer at Formspring, where he led sales, business development and marketing for this social media site with 20M monthly unique visitors. He joined Formspring following the acquisition of PeerPong, a Q&A service using NLP/semantics for identifying interests and knowledge from social streams - where he led as CEO. Previously, Ro was Chief Revenue Officer at RockYou and Director at eBay Motors, where he managed all business efforts and an online parts business, respectively. Ro is a co-founder of Cima Systems (a leading VOIP software provider for auto dealers) and currently serves as an advisor to a number of social media focused startups. Ro holds an MBA from Stanford.

Bhupen Shah

Bhupen has over 25 years of experience in technology development, product development, and engineering management in embedded digital media and communication solutions. Over his career, Bhupen has, on four occasions, successfully exited the companies he co-founded or joined at early stage. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, he is also an angel investor and has funded several companies.
Bhupen co-founded Sling Media Inc., and as COO & VP Engineering, was instrumental in bringing award-winning Slingbox products into retail market. Sling Media was acquired by Echostar in 2007. At the time of exiting, Bhupen held the CTO position at Sling Media. Prior Sling Media, Bhupen co-founded Emuzed Inc. focused on mobile multimedia, with a large engineering team in Bangalore. Emuzed was acquired by Flextronics. He was also a key contributor and VP of Software at Dazzle, the first company to deliver video capture devices for the consumer market at retail. Dazzle was acquired by SCM Microsystems. Currently, Bhupen is on the Board of Directors of several start-ups as well as rapid-growth companies and advises them on business growth strategy and on how to harness technology for their operations. Bhupen holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Ashish Chordia

Ashish is the Founder and CEO at Alphonso Inc. Prior to that, he founded, grew and sold 3GA Labs, a mobile analytics and mobile application search company. Previously Ashish was part of product teams at a couple of early stage ventures such SugarSync (DFJ / Sigma funded, competitor to DropBox) and Oblix (Kleiner Perkins funded, acquired by Oracle). His specialities include team building, product management, mobile and web product design, analytics, ideas-to-product pipelines, and building scalable systems. Ashish is an active advisor to a number of startups in silicon valley, India and Singapore. An IIT Bombay alumnus, Ashish also holds an MBA from Wharton.

Eoin Matthews

Eoin is the VP of Business Development at VigLink. Prior to that, he was the VP of Business Development at Buy.com and has also held the position of Managing Director for Buy.com Europe. He arrived at Buy.com in 2004 when the company acquired Metails, an innovative social networking startup which he had cofounded. Prior to Metails, Eoin held technical and sales positions at document management and search software startups in both Ireland and USA. He holds a B.Eng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Raghu Tarra

Raghu is currently the Chief Product Officer at GigSky Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience building and managing geographically distributed and cost-effective engineering teams, and he holds multiple patents in the video streaming and networking domain. He was previously the VP, Engineering & Operations at Arrayent Inc, an IOT Platform company. Raghu was a founding member of Sling Media, responsible for formulating its overall vision and strategy necessary for Sling to continue its pace of rapid growth and expansion. He also served as the Senior Vice President, Managing Director and General Manager of Sling Media. He was one of the founding members of RealChip Communications, Inc, where he led the team that introduced a System on a Chip media processor to support Voice and Video over Internet Protocol applications. Raghu holds a M.S. in Electronics and Control Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science and a B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

Prem Kumar

Prem is the Managing Director of Adap.tv's India offices (now part of by AOL). Prior to that, he was the Director of Development at Adap.tv in silicon valley, where he led development teams responsible for building all the product suites of the company. He is known for his knack of having a comprehensive ground-level view of every project, as well as a 30,000 feet view of product direction and vision. Prem is an engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.