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22 Billion connection paths to that you won't find elsewhere.

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Business Decision Makers

22 Billion

Connection Paths

Open more doors, and close more business. Faster.

Hachi unlocks the power of your network spread over multiple networks like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. And, it finds the most likely-to-succeed introductions for you.

It finds the best way for you to connect with anyone you want - your business prospects, potential partners and anyone else you want to connect with.

What the experts are saying...
Hachi connects the dots between your social-network contacts and recommends the best "people path" to someone new.
Hachi: One social contact portal to rule them all.
While networking is an obvious must in startup world, especially for entrepreneurs hoping for intros to investors, the need to know who you know and how you know them is something everyone who works for a living wants.
This could be a salesperson's best friend. BRIAN BADILLO, MBA@bbadillo
President at Graphics Group
Hachi could change recruiting. Blake Wittman@blakewittman
COO at Lime & Tonic Global
Hachi is the Google Maps for your connections graph. Its true value is in showing people how they're connected across networks, not just within one service's ecosystem.
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